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Harrison Clinical Research (HCR)
Munich, Germany; Ely, UK; Brussels, Belgium; Rehovot, Israel; Barcelona, Spain; Milan, Italy; Paris, France (

Harrison Clinical Research is an independent CRO founded in 1987. It is involved in the clinical development and registration of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices from Phase I, in our own clinics in Germany and Israel, through to Phase IV, throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Israel and the countries of Eastern Europe. HCR has an excellent reputation in running Phase I and early Phase II studies, in it's clinics, in a multitude of indications. HCR offers a multinational service and has established offices in Germany, UK, Benelux, Israel, Spain, Italy and France and works together with a network of investigators and centers across Europe. HCR undertakes total clinical development of products to meet all local and international standards and was awarded the ISO 9001 certification in March 1998, for quality management in clinical research. HCR will help VDDI form business relationships, with a major thrust towards biotechnology products. In addition, HCR will function as an outpost for the global document and study report generation program using shareware and web based technology.

SFBC International
Miami, FL (
SFBC provides a full range of clinical pharmacology services for short-term studies, as well as the most complex long-term Phase I-Phase IV studies including: protocol design, data management, electronic data transfer, Report writing, IRB, clinical/analytical services, and clinical monitoring services. SFBC is a five-floor, free-standing modern facility designed for optimum efficiency and confidentiality. The Phase I-IV inpatient and outpatient services are supported by a screening and outpatient team, recruiting, integrated internal QA/QC, and easily accessible IRB. Length of studies range from 12 hours to 70 days of confinement. It is anticipated that many of the US Phase I and Phase II studies will be conducted at SFBC.

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