Virtual Drug Development

In a traditional drug development program sponsored by a large pharmaceutical company, management decision cycles and the scarcity of internal expertise and resources are the rate liming steps to rapid drug development. Even when outside clinical research organizations are employed for drug development, time savings have not been widely demonstrated because management decision cycles are still imposed upon the development team and autonomy is rarely allowed.

In contrast, VDDI Pharmaceuticals has created a new, virtual model for drug development which does not suffer from these limitations and leverages outside expertise in a much more efficient manner. At the heart of VDDI Pharmaceuticals' business model is the interconnection of researchers and consultants comprising each product development team who are spread across a number of continents and time zones. This global approach to pharmaceutical product development will dramatically reduce the time and cost of developing breakthrough drugs benefiting millions of people. This model has only become feasible through the dramatic advancements in telecommunications over the past ten years. VDDI Pharmaceuticals is the first virtual drug development company wholly based on internet technology.

VDDI Pharmaceuticals will be run by a small core group of employees and will contract with consultants for product development and clinical studies on a product-by-product basis. VDDI Pharmaceuticals will leverage available technology and resources instead of investing precious capital on "bricks and mortar" infrastructure. VDDI Pharmaceuticals believes that product development costs will be reduced by up to 25%, and development time will be reduced by up to 50%. Drawing from an international network of employees, advisors, subcontractors and strategic alliances, VDDI Pharmaceuticals will utilize a broad range of senior-level business and scientific expertise to research and evaluate product opportunities.

VDDI Pharmaceuticals will license early-stage products and complete preclinical, early regulatory registrations, and Phase I and Phase II clinical studies. The products will then be licensed to large pharmaceutical firms for phase III clinical studies and subsequent sharing in the royalties from worldwide marketing and distribution.

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