Development Strategy

After identifying a potential drug which meets basic criteria, VDDI Pharmaceuticals will conduct extensive due diligence on the compound at its own expense (see below). VDDI Pharmaceuticals expects that approximately 80% of drugs which satisfy the basic criteria will be subsequently rejected at some stage of due diligence review.

To reduce the risk to investors, VDDI Pharmaceuticals aims to develop a diverse portfolio of selected product targets, which will result in the reduction in risk associated with a one product, one technology approach. VDDI Pharmaceuticals will "package" approximately four different technologies, which have successfully passed the due diligence review, into development programs (e.g., wholly own subsidiaries) which will be managed by VDDI Pharmaceuticals. VDDI Pharmaceuticals will then seek private equity financing, entertain aggressive royalty streams, and seek partnerships with Pharma and or Biotechnology companies for success based income (milestone payments). Each development program will have a dedicated drug development team and will be operated in accordance with a strict budget and timeline.

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