VP Preclinical Development & Co-Founder
John W. Ferkany, PhD

Dr. Ferkany was invited to join Oread, Inc. in 1996 as Director of the Division of Pharmacology. Having successfully organized and staffed that group while building it to a multi-million-dollar/year revenue generating operation, he was invited to join the Drug Development Program Management team in 1998.

As a Director, Program Management, the incumbent was responsible to design, coordinate, manage and execute multi-disciplinary IND programs encompassing regulatory affairs, chemistry and manufacturing controls, safety pharmacology, toxicology, manufacturing and packaging of clinical trials materials, as well as preparation of regulatory documents. He gained a thorough knowledge of the preclinical drug development process including ICH, FDA, OECD and MHW regulatory requirements. At the time of his departure from Oread subsequent to a corporate restructuring, he had successfully guided multiple IND programs to completion.

Prior to his experience at Oread, Dr. Ferkany served as a Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Oceanix Biosciences Corporation, a privately held biotechnology company located in Hanover, MD. In 1993 he participated in the acquisition of NovaScreen™, an international Contract Research Organization specializing in early stage drug discovery, from SciosNova. At the time of the purchase, NovaScreen™ had posted 4 successive years of declining revenues. Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation from July 1984 to late 1992 employed Dr. Ferkany. During this period, Dr. Ferkany supervised up to 35 Ph.D. and technical scientists including medicinal chemists, molecular biologists, pharmacologists and behavioral scientists. .

Dr. Ferkany's educational background includes a B.S. in Zoology (1976) from the University of Michigan, a doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences (1980) from the University of Texas at Houston, and a Masters in Administrative Sciences (1991) awarded from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where the incumbent received the Edward J. Stegman Award for Excellence having graduated with a perfect record.

Dr. Ferkany is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and of Current Protocols in Pharmacology, of 4 scientific Societies, and has published extensively in the field of central nervous system disorders as well as on current methods in drug discovery. He is a consensus manager dedicated to team concepts, "coaching" and the advancement of subordinates.

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