Management Team

Following the virtual model, the Company intends to maintain a lean management team consisting of highly qualified and experienced individuals. The following members of the management team are in place ready to proceed with due diligence and development of the first round of product opportunities.

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Chairman, President, CEO & Founder
R. Stephen Porter, Pharm.D

Vice President Regulatory Affairs
& Co-Founder
Kristen K. Flaharty, Pharm.D

Vice President
Li Z. Barber, PhD, MBA

Vice President Clinical Pharmacology
John A. Oates, MD

Vice President, Synthetic Chemistry
Ho-Yin Lo, Ph.D

Consultant and Advisor
L. Jackson  Roberts, MD

Web Master
Meg Streiff, BS, BA

Board of Directors

R. Stephen Porter, Pharm.D.

Bruce D. Sullivan, BS, CPA