President, CEO & Founder
R. Stephen Porter

Dr. R. Stephen Porter is the President, CEO and Chairman of the VDDI Pharmaceuticals. (VDDI). VDDI is an international biopharmaceutical Product Development Company with principal offices located in Brentwood TN.  He is also Chief Scientific Advisor to MPI Research a full service preclinical CRO.  He serves as Chief Technical Officer of DxRx, LLC, a molecular diagnostic service based company for infectious disease, cardiovascular and pharmacogenomic markets and he is the President of Pharmacotherapy Consultants, LLC, Brentwood, TN which engages in business development and advisory consultation services to clinical research organizations, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Dr. Porter has over thirty years of experience in research and pharmaceutical development. 

Dr. Porter formerly Executive Director of Medical Affairs for Therapeutic Antibodies Inc., an international biopharmaceutical firm, headquartered in Nashville, formed VDDI after 5 years at Therapeutic Antibodies Inc. (TAb) where he shepherded the development of polyclonal antibodies utilized in the treatment of envenomations CroFab®, and inflammatory disease states CytoFab® and toxicologic emergencies DigiFab®.  Prior to TAb he has worked at American Cyanamid Company, where he served Associate Director of Cardiovascular and Drug Metabolism in its Medical Research Division and helped with the launch of Ziac®.

Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Cardiovascular Pharmacology at the Likoff Cardiovascular Institute within the Hahnemann School of Medicine in Philadelphia.  He has also held academic positions at the Universities of East Carolina and North Carolina Medical Schools.

Dr. Porter received his doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Michigan, where he also completed his undergraduate degree and a Clinical Pharmacy residency.

His professional affiliations include membership in the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Royal Society of Medicine, and Fellowship in the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.

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